Hi, my name is Caryl and Random Acts has been my dream, my passion and my obsession for several years now.

A few years ago my family went through some very hard times.  When my husband got ill we lost everything and when he passed away I was left alone, scared and completely overwhelmed.  Needing a fresh start and a plan for the future, I felt the perfect place to live would be where I could also run a business.  So I packed up, moved to Ohio and  found a 120 year old church in a charming little town.

I then began to formulate a plan based on my passions.  Crafting, upcycling, music, baked goods and charity.

I settled on the name “Random Acts of Walbridge”.   It will be a home for craft/consignment items from local artisans, a small bakery and coffee counter, with live music on the weekends.   The philosophy will be a strong sense of community, focusing on all the good in people, with “Nominate your Neighbor” and “Pay it Forward” days.   Giving them a fun place to sell their items, have a cupcake and coffee, listen to music and chat with their neighbors.

To get my daughter involved, we are creating a teen group that will do Random Acts around town as well as reward those they see doing good deeds.   I’m partnering with the local high-schools incorporating their art club to paint a mural on my walls, the music clubs to help feature our talented youth. And to employee student interns.   The schools will be rewarded with a scholarship fund honoring a student who embodies our philosophy of “Random Acts of Kindness”.

So stop in, say hi and help us Spread the Kindness!