Baked Goods

Random Acts offers a yummy variety of home baked items every day.

Stop in for a little treat with a cup of tea or place an order for a special event.


If you’d like to be part of our baking family below outlines our regulations:


Selling Baked Goods at Random Acts of Walbridge   

  • You must abide by the Ohio Cottage Food Rules
    • Refer to the state’s website for specific details
    • We can only sell items that fall within those guidelines
    • Your items must be packaged and labelled according to their requirements
  • We will need to sample your foods and approve packaging first.
  • You will be required to sign a W9 (Taxpayer Identification Certificate) as you will be considered a vendor.
  • Prior arrangements must be made before you can bring items in.
  • All baked goods must be dropped off at Random Acts during store hours, we will not be able to pick up any items.
  • All deliveries must include a printed Ingredient list.
  • If you become an approved vendor, you will then be put on a schedule of when your items can be dropped off.
  • Note: Based on special events and seasonal requirements, our demand for baked goods can vary from week to week.   We may sometimes ask for extra items or could also not have a demand for certain items.


Please use our Contact Page for additional questions.